Pack Tracks Country Club

1177 West Street Southington, CT 06489

Hours of Operation

  Monday - Saturday
6:00am - 7:00pm

10:00am - 7:00pm

Doggie Daycare, Training, Grooming, Boarding, & Holistic Retail


Doggie Daycare

Voted Southington's Best Kennel/Daycare for 2012 & 2013

Questions or 860.863.5808

Pack Pals:
Want to know how your dog is during the day?  Email us at for a detailed report of your dog's daily activity!  


Why Doggie Daycare?

Dogs are pack animals and enjoy being with their own kind. Daycare helps keep dogs socialized

It's good mental and physical stimulation

Alleviates stress and boredom when dog's are left home alone

Great for housebreaking

Dogs go home happy and tired

Why Pack Tracks Country Club?

Three dedicated owners with many years of experience

 Completely renovated building

 The dogs' drinking water is supplied with a water filtration system (removes 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and contaminants)

Two separate indoor playrooms 2,000 sq ft & 600 sq ft (heated & air conditioned) with rubber flooring (cushion, easy traction, easy on their joints, easy to clean, waterproof)

Two separate outdoor fenced in areas: 5,000 sq ft with stone dust (soft footing, easy to clean, great drainage) & 1,200 sq ft with cement & drains (great for days when the pools are out, easy to clean)

All dogs must pass an evaluation to be permitted into the pack.  The evaluation is a temperament test done by an experienced staff member.  We take the new dog away from the owners (who can watch on the camera) and conduct an off leash evaluation to see how the dog responds to different kinds of dogs.  We start with a calm dog then test with a more active dog, a small dog, a large dog, a female dog, a male dog, etc. Based on how the evaluation goes we will give a recommendation that best suits the dog.  For example if the dog is shy we may say bring him back on a slower day until he becomes more confident.  

On most days we split our pack into two different groups based on play style.  One group is the calmer, older, and smaller dogs while the other group is the more active and larger dogs.  

Our groups are closely monitored at all times by experienced staff members.  All staff members go through monthly mandatory training sessions to continually improve their pack management skills.     

Trainer & Nutrition specialist on staff

Treadmill specialist on staff

Affordable clean up baths or a rinse off available at the end of their day so they go home clean!  Check out the prices here

Routine Day

Dogs go out to appropriate playgroups (we have two completely separate groups; one for calm/small dogs & one for the rest of the pack) as soon as they are dropped off.

From 11:30am - 12:30pm  If lunches & snacks are provided by owners they will be served in individual crates at this time.  Dogs will remain crated for 30 minutes before returning to the pack.

(breed restrictions do apply, please call for details)

Full Day - $23    

Half Day - $17 any 6 hours

10 Pack Full Days -$220 ($22/day) (only valid for 60 days)

Monthly - $400 Month to month is prepaid on the first and includes unlimited daycare and 1 spa day (bath, nails, ears, teeth brushing)

Requirements to Enroll in Daycare 

Proof of current Rabies (we recommend a 3 year vaccine)

Proof of current Distemper / DHPP (we recommend a 3 year vaccine)

Proof of current Bordetella / Kennel Cough (within 1 year)

Proof of a negative Fecal / Stool sample (within 1 year)

Dogs over seven months must be neutered/spayed

Completed evaluation of each dog;
Proof of vaccination is required before evaluation is performed
The following time slots are available for evaluations:
Monday - Friday between 9:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday & Sunday between 12:00pm -5:00pm
No appointment needed.    

Completed paperwork which can be downloaded here: daycare_contract.docx
16.3 KB

We do not require any notice or reservations for daycare once you have fulfilled the requirement your dog may play anytime! 

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