Pack Tracks Country Club

1177 West Street Southington, CT 06489

Hours of Operation

  Monday - Saturday
6:00am - 7:00pm

10:00am - 7:00pm

Doggie Daycare, Training, Grooming, Boarding, & Holistic Retail



Holistic Retail

We carry only the highest quality products which have been carefully researched and selected. You can easily shop with confidence because all of the products we carry are from reputable companies. None of our products are mass produced, because quality is our greatest concern. Nothing in our store is produced in, or contains ingredients from, China. We are taking a stand against low quality products and we refuse to carry any items that do not pass our very high standards.

We are a PROUD satellite store of Thomaston Feed!  We carry only the top shelf selection available.   

World Class Acana is made from western Canada's very best and freshest ingredients in their award-winning, family-operated factory in Alberta, Canada. Each Acana formula is made with a diversity of regional ingredients including ranch-raised natural lamb, free-run chicken and whole eggs from local prairie farms, and Lake Whitefish and Walleye caught wild from the cold Northern lakes - human-grade ingredients that arrive at the Acana factory fresh (never frozen) and preservative-free each day.

Grain-free and low-carbohydrate to provide a biologically appropriate, natural canine diet, each kibble of Acana food is loaded with premium meat ingredients and is infused with Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA) from wild-caught fish to support immunity and a luxuriant skin and hair coat.

In place of grains, Acana foods feature regional fruits, vegetables and botanicals - including organic sea vegetables to enhance metabolism, and raspberry leaf and marigold flower to nourish and tone the digestive tract

We are different because, unlike the marketing and multinational companies that sell (but don't actually make) today's pet foods, Champion Petfoods Ltd. stands apart as a family-owned producer with a mission that is simple and strong. Unlike the marketing and multinational companies that sell (but don't actually make) today's pet foods, Champion Petfoods Ltd. stands apart as a family-owned producer with a mission that is simple and strong.


Four-Star Nutritionals Concept
If you asked a four-star restaurant to prepare a fine meal for your dog, they might come up with a recipe as good as ours. Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals offer the highest inclusion levels of fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables of any dog food on the market. And we prepare it in a manner befitting a fine, four-star restaurant. Each of our Four-Star products uses the finest ingredients possible and is prepared in small batches. Few people take as much time and care as we do to prepare their own food. But we believe it's worth it. So will you and your dog.

Lucky Buck Antlers 
Hey, does your dog like to chew?  Then Lucky Buck is for you. Lucky Buck Deer Antlers are a natural, healthy chew that your dog will love. These are the only  Grade-A, super fresh, top-shelf antler dog chews on the market!

  • No odor
  • No residue
  • Durable, long-lasting.
  • No chemicals or preservatives added.
Sizes and shapes vary. These antlers are naturally shed -- No deer were killed in the collection of these antlers. Product of the U.S.A.


Planet Dog
Products are non-toxic & Made in the USA.


 West Paw Design

Driven by a passion for pets and the joy they bring, West Paw Design seeks the most innovative designs using the best possible materials, resulting in a meaningful value for our customers.  Made in the USA.

The Wholistic Pet

Canine health care supplements using super-premium and organic ingredients

HomeoPet, LLC is the manufacturer of a line of 100% natural, homeopathic pet remedies that was established in 1994 to meet the increasing demand for treatment of common conditions that, while not life-threatening, cause suffering in animals. We remain dedicated to treating and improving the health and lives of animals.

Liquid Health
Liquid Health™ has the most comprehensive line of liquid nutritional supplements available. A drive to provide the highest quality ingredients, and guaranteed levels of nutrients, has resulted in nearly 30 different formulas for people, and groundbreaking animal supplements. Liquid Health™ is not just a solution for people who have a problem swallowing pills or who have trouble digesting tablets- it is the best way to provide the vitamins and supplements that your family needs. You will notice the difference.


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