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Pack Tracks Country Club 

a health food store for dogs and cats. Kim and Wendy managed the kennel/daycare together where their friendship started in 2006. In 2008 Kim apprenticed Wendy in public training classes to further her knowledge. In 2009 Wendy left the facility and dedicated all of her time to training and Pack Tracks. In 2010 Kim left the facility and started a new career in insurance but always felt a void in her life without the dogs. Wendy approached Kim about expanding Pack Tracks and after consulting her family, Kim was on board. Wendy, Kim, & Christina opened Pack Tracks Country Club on September 7, 2011.


1177 West Street

Southington, CT 06489

860.863.5808 fax: 860.863.5809

Hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday 6:00am-7:00pm Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm

Our Journey

Christina and Kim worked together at a local kennel in the Farmington Valley where they started their working relationship in 2005. They work very well together and developed a new friendship when Pack Tracks Country Club was born in June 2011. In late 2006 Wendy started working at the same facility. Wendy and Christina worked in the daycare section together where Christina became interested in learning more about training and dog psychology. Christina began apprenticing Wendy and assisted her in private trainings and public classes.  In 2008, they opened Pack Tracks in Unionville which was 

Wendy Shaw

Wendy feels she was truly meant to work with animals. Ever since she was young, Wendy was always found playing with animals; in fact she was bitten by a Doberman under her eye at 4. Now, at 36, Wendy is a renowned dog trainer and behaviorist. She specializes in dog psychology and aggression. Her love for animals grows stronger every day. Her passion drives her to want to educate animal owners. With over 20 years of experience in the animal field, Wendy strives for further education. She continually attends seminars and reads the latest materials. Wendy is also a nutrition consultant for canines & felines with over 10 years of experience. Her dream has always been to have her own store where she can educate consumers and provide the very best in quality. Wendy has 2 dogs (Timber a Bernese Mountain Dog & Cedar an Australian Shepherd) and 5 cats (Phantom a Chartreux, Salem a Bengal, Ghost a Ragdoll, Rain a Bengal, Whisper a Ragdoll).

Christina Kirkwood

Christina Kirkwood began working with dogs in 2005. She has worked at several dog daycare facilities in the Farmington Valley area and is very happy to have realized her dream of owning her own daycare! In 2006, she started apprenticing with dog trainer Wendy Shaw. Christina enjoys continuing to learn about dog psychology and believes that the best place to do that is in dog daycare. She has adopted 5 dogs (Pebbles, Roo, Woodstock, Wednesday, & Boris) and 4 cats (Salem, Samantha, Watson, & Beefy). She also makes homemade dog treats and hopes to run her own dog bakery.

Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel has had a love for all animals since she was young, but she is very partial to dogs. Kim has worked in the animal field since 2002, where she has expanded her skills in management, customer service, and the handling of animals. Kim and her 7 year old daughter Jordan, have a pug named Ruby and have found a real love for the breed. She is very excited to be a part of Pack Tracks Country Club and can't wait to have many years of success in business with her partners. Kim also has a pitbull named Opal.

Kim, Christina, Olessa Stepanova, & Wendy

Meet our staff

Ashley Perone

Ashley is one of our two managers. She has worked for Pack Tracks since February 2013. Ashley thinks her job is very rewarding and she LOVES all the dogs. Her favorite breed is a German Shepherd. She currently owns a cat that she

Brianna (Bree) Giannelli

Bree has a love and passion for dogs. Bree is one of our two managers.  She went to school for two years for Fine Art. She has an interest in tattoo art. She joined Pack Tracks in June 2013. Working here is by far her favorite job.

Mary Badger

Mary is our  supervisor.  She joined Pack Tracks in June 2014 she previously worked at a rescue. She loves working at Pack Tracks because she learns something new every day! Her future plans are to pursue a career in the 

adopted. Ashley is studying to become a probation officer.

animal science/behavior field as well as running her own rescue one day. Her passion truly is animals.

Ally Cipolli

Ally joined Pack Tracks in August of 2013.  Ally has been working in daycare with furry friends for almost 5 years now.  She loves working with animals, there is so much to learn & gain everyday.  Ally wants to own a farm & start a pitbull rescue.  She

Only the best for your dog!

Wally Smolenski

Wally joined Pack Tracks in October of 2014.  He is responsible for all or our maintenance, snow removal, and builds all of our  

Our Managers; Bree & Ashley

Our Guardians; Ally, Sylvia, Wally 

is also a tattoo artist in Bristol.  Art and animals are a big part of her life and she's very passionate about them.